Strategies to Achieve  $12 CPM on YouTube Automation Channel 2024

Strategies to Achieve $12 CPM on YouTube Automation Channel 2024

How do I get high CPM on YouTube Automation Channel ?


If you want to start an automated YouTube channel, one of the biggest goals is to earn high CPM (cost per mile or per thousand views) rates from your videos. A high CPM means you earn more money per thousand views, making a solid revenue even with a relatively small subscriber base and view count. This article will discuss strategies and best practices that automation YouTubers can follow to drive up their CPM rates and monetization. Let's get started!


Top Niches To Target For $12 CPM in Youtube Automation 2024

There are a lot of engaging niches to go for, if you are starting an automation channel. However those niches might be competitive or might have large volume but less cpc. So here are some less competition and high CPM and CPC niches for your automation channel 

  • Home automation
  • Automative Technology
  • Industrial Automation & Robotics
  • Commercial UAV automation 

We have talked about all these niches in details. For more knowledge go through this "Top Niches To Target For $12 CPM in Youtube Automation 2024"




Optimize for Watch Time

One of the most critical factors determining your CPM is your average view duration or watch time. YouTube wants viewers to spend more time watching videos on the platform. Channels with higher watch times tend to earn better CPM rates.

Some tips to optimize for watch time include:

  • Keep your videos short and concise, between 5-10 minutes. Longer runtimes lead to lower retention rates.

  • Add intro/outro cards and end screens to encourage viewers to watch other videos.

  • Include a clear call to action, such as "Watch this part to learn how...".

  • Break videos into chapters or sections with timestamps for easy navigation.

  • Use catchy titles and intriguing thumbnails to hook viewers and keep them watching.

  • Include closed captions/subtitles to make the content accessible.

Focus on High-Quality Production

YouTube promotes channels that offer professionally produced, high-quality content to their audience. Poor production quality can negatively impact watch times and CPMs.

Some production tips include:

  • Shoot in sharp HD resolution with a high-quality camera setup.

  • Use an external microphone for clear audio instead of the built-in mic.

  • Have good lighting without shadows to make the video visually appealing.

  • Edit the videos cleanly with smooth transitions, graphics, animations, etc.

  • Add background music or sound effects where needed. Avoid noisy environments.

  • Keep the footage stabilized without shakiness using a tripod or gimbal.

  • Include visuals of the automation process/robots along with your narration.

Target Keywords and Topics

Targeting the right keywords and topics that are commercially viable and have demand from viewers and advertisers is essential. Some trending automation keywords include:

  • Robotics

  • AI assistant

  • Autonomous vehicles

  • Industrial automation

  • Automated factories

  • IoT projects

  • Drone technology

  • 3D printing

  • CNC machine projects

  • Arduino/Raspberry Pi projects

Research keyword search volumes and CPC trends using Google Keyword Planner before picking your topics. Focus on issues with steady monthly searches and interest. Avoid overly competitive or saturated niches.

Build Authority with Engaging Content

Authority and influence play a significant role in determining your CPM rates. Provide consistent, helpful educational content to build credibility and expertise.

Some ways to create engaging content include:

  • DIY projects showcasing automation build and coding tutorials.

  • In-depth tutorials and guides break down complex topics easily.

  • Comparisons and reviews of various robotics/AI products.

  • Fascinating interviews with industry experts and thought leaders.

  • Trend reports analyzing the latest innovations and market opportunities.

Incorporate Visual Elements

YouTube values visual content over just audio/text. Leverage various visual elements like:

  • Well-edited b-roll and footage of the automation process.

  • High-quality photos integrated within slides.

  • Clever graphics, illustrations, and infographics.

  • Live demonstrations of projects and prototypes.

  • Charts, diagrams, and simulations for concepts.

  • Screen recordings while coding/building projects.

  • Whiteboards to explain concepts visually.

Visuals hold viewers' attention and paint a clear picture, positively impacting engagement and monetization.

Optimize Metadata

Your video metadata, like title, description, and tags, play a vital role in discovering and driving traffic. Take time to properly optimize:

  • Use keyword-rich, conversational titles that are unique for each video.

  • Write thorough descriptions, including detailed info, relevant tags, etc.

  • Include targeted tags and keywords in the description's first 200-300 characters.

  • Use keyword research tools to identify applicable long-tail terms and variations.

  • Keep titles and descriptions consistent in branding and tone of voice.

Optimized metadata is critical for YouTube's algorithm to properly represent and recommend your content.

Promote across Multiple Platforms

Relying on YouTube alone limits your reach and monetization potential. Promote your videos across relevant:

  • Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

  • Technical forums, communities, and subreddits in your niche.

  • Personal website/blog with detailed articles and full transcripts.

  • Newsletters, forums you participate in.

  • Conference events using topic-specific hashtags.

Wider distribution increases the chances of new viewers and retention rates, positively impacting your CPM.

Drive Traffic from Search

Although YouTube recommends videos by relatedness, most initial traffic comes from YouTube searches. Optimize your titles, descriptions, and metadata specifically for search traffic. Rank well in SERPs through:

  • Proper keyword research for "buyer keywords."

  • Unique titles answering user intent in the form of questions.

  • Title variations for common search queries in the niche.

  • Detailed descriptions providing answers/solutions.

  • Optimized metadata (tags) and internal linking.

  • Engaging thumbnails representing keyword intent and topic.

  • Consistent uploading schedule to appear in suggestions.

Search traffic drives immediate views and increases your authority for recommendations in the long run.

Engage Your Audience

Actively engage with current subscribers by replying to comments thoughtfully, starting discussions, and addressing issues openly. This builds a sense of community and loyalty.

Some engagement tactics include:

  • Pin critical comments addressing popular questions.

  • Regularly host live Q&A sessions and giveaways.

  • Reply to every comment in the first 48 hours.

  • Promote contributions from the community via stories/features.

  • Encourage likes, shares, and followers on social platforms.

  • Consult the audience via regular surveys for content ideas.

  • Strong engagement rates and positive viewer sentiment boost your monetization metrics and help YouTube promote you more.


To wrap up, consistently focusing on production quality, relevant topic selection, thorough keyword research, optimization, engaging content creation, cross-promotional strategies, and viewer engagement are significant factors that drive higher CPM rates for automated YouTube channels over the long run. Professionalism, authority, and value offered to the audience position you favorably in YouTube's algorithms for better monetization opportunities. With time and effort, high CPM achievement is possible for dedicated automation content creators on the platform.


Q1. How long will it take to increase CPM rates significantly?

A: There is no fixed timeline, as it depends on various metrics like watch time, views, subscribers etc. However, most channels see a gradual CPM rise within 6-12 months of consistent quality uploads (2-3 videos per week) if they optimize as suggested above. Channels with 10K+ subs reporting CPMs $5-7 on average.

Q2. What is the maximum or average CPM for the automation niche?

A: The ceiling for CPM varies widely based on channel authority, content type, and geolocation. Top-earning automation-focused channels generally report $10-15 CPM on average. While some almost reach $20-$30 CPM for exceptionally high-demand content through effective optimizations.

Q3. Will using more keywords hurt my monetization?

A: No, using multiple relevant keywords judiciously in metadata won't negatively impact monetization. In fact, it helps content discovery and searchability. However, overstuffing keywords and making metadata spammy-looking will hurt click-through rate, and engagement signals YouTube tracks for recommending monetized content. Moderation is the key.

Q4. What other monetization options exist besides the YouTube Partner Program?

A: Popular secondary monetization methods for automation niche channels include- sponsorships, affiliates, paid memberships, online courses/certification, physical product sales, freelance services, etc. You can also explore platforms like Patreon for direct fan-funding or promote automation products/services through ads/links within videos and descriptions on YouTube.

Q5. How much revenue can an automated YouTube channel make monthly?

A: The average monthly revenue varies considerably based on several metrics like- video views, watch time, subscriber count, geographic factors, monetization rate, etc. However, a new channel with 10K views could expect $50-100 per month as a baseline. While a mid-sized one with 50-100K views may generate $500-1000. The top 1% of channels with millions of thoughts have the potential to earn even $10,000+ monthly through the effective monetization strategies discussed above.