Best High CPM YouTube Automation Niches $12+ CPM Guarantee  [June 2024]

Best High CPM YouTube Automation Niches $12+ CPM Guarantee [June 2024]

What are the High CPM YouTube Automation Niches?

Discover what are the high CPM YouTube automation niches that can earn you $12 CPM. Explore detailed strategies, tips, and insights to maximize your YouTube revenue in these lucrative niches.

Building a YouTube channel focused on automation can be a lucrative venture, as certain niche topics consistently attract higher CPM rates (cost per mile or earnings per 1000 views).

Here, we explore some of the highest CPM YouTube automation niches and provide tips on creating content that maximizes viewer engagement and earnings.

1.Home Automation

Home automation is one of the most profitable niches, driven by the increasing popularity of smart home technology. Key topics in this niche include:

  • Smart home device reviews: Evaluate products like Nest, Ring, Philips Hue, and Alexa/Google Home.

  • Smart home setup guides: Provide tutorials on installing and configuring smart home devices.

  • Home security systems: Focus on smart security cameras, door/window sensors, and alarm systems.

  • Home theater automation: Integrate smart technology into home theaters.

  • Smart appliance reviews: Cover smart refrigerators, ovens, washers, and dryers.

  • Home automation troubleshooting: Offer solutions for common issues with smart home devices.

2.Automotive Technology

The automotive industry is rapidly advancing, especially in automation, connectivity, and safety features. High CPM topics in this niche include:

  • Autonomous vehicle reviews: Overview of cars with advanced driver-assist features and self-driving capabilities.

  • Connected car setup tutorials: Guides for pairing smartphones with infotainment systems.

  • Advanced driver assist systems (ADAS): Explain technologies like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist.

  • Electric vehicle charging guides: Instructions for charging EVs and reviews of home charging stations.

  • Automotive hacking tutorials: Demonstrate how to add aftermarket functionality through custom coding and programming.

  • Autonomous vehicle career training: Provide resources for learning skills related to autonomous transportation.

3.Agricultural Automation

Agricultural automation is a booming market, and videos on new ag tech consistently earn high CPM rates. Key topics include:

  • Autonomous tractor/harvester reviews: Latest self-driving equipment for farming tasks.

  • Precision agriculture tutorials: Guides on GPS, soil sensors, and aerial imagery technologies.

  • Livestock automation: Automated feeding systems, milking robots, and herd monitoring.

  • Indoor/vertical farming setups: Explore controlled environment agriculture operations.

  • Agricultural drones: Reviews and tutorials on using drones for crop inspection and mapping.

  • DIY agricultural builds: Projects for modifying older equipment with affordable automation add-ons.

4.Industrial Automation & Robotics

Industrial automation and robotics are in high demand for complex manufacturing facilities. High CPM topics in this niche include:

  • Industrial robot reviews: Cover robotic arms, AGVs, and collaborative robots.

  • Automated warehouse tours: Show operations of highly automated fulfillment centers.

  • PLC and HMI programming tutorials: Teach industrial control systems that automate production lines.

  • IIoT implementation guides: Connect industrial equipment to gather and analyze data in the Cloud.

  • Industrial safety systems: Explain safety measures around robotics and automated machinery.

  • Additive manufacturing technology: Discuss 3D printing, CNC, and robotic part finishing.

5.Commercial UAV Automation

The commercial drone services industry continues to expand with more automated features. Drone content earns excellent CPM rates. Topics include:

  • Automatic take-off and landing tutorials

  • Follow-me and point-of-interest flight modes

  • Drone racing obstacle course tutorials

  • Collision detection and avoidance systems

  • Swarming and coordinated multi-drone missions

  • Drone package delivery services

  • Thermal cameras and advanced drone payloads

  • Drone inspections of infrastructure

  • Commercial pilot certification training

Strategies to Achieve $12 CPM on Your Automation Channel

Creating high-quality, engaging content is key to maximizing CPM rates. Here are some strategies:

  • Show, Don’t Tell: Demonstrate automation systems in action with b-roll footage.

  • Clear Visuals: Invest in quality cameras, lighting, and microphones.

  • Concise Scripting: Keep videos under 10 minutes for better retention.

  • Premium Editing: Learn basic nonlinear video editing for smooth cuts and added graphics.

  • Enthusiastic Delivery: Be passionate and engaging in your delivery.

  • Accurate Descriptions: Optimize video metadata with SEO-rich titles, tags, and descriptions.

  • Transcripts: Provide full transcripts for searchable, referenceable content.

  • Call-to-Actions: Encourage subscribers and link to related content.

  • Regular Posting Schedule: Commit to a consistent upload schedule.

Monetizing Your Automation Channel

Beyond ad revenue, diversify your income sources:

  • Affiliate Marketing: Promote relevant products through affiliate programs.

  • Paid Video Courses: Offer in-depth training courses and certifications.

  • Sponsored Videos: Partner with companies for branded content opportunities.

  • Consulting/Freelance Work: Offer your expertise for individual projects.

  • Passive Information Products: Publish eBooks, guidebooks, and templates.

  • Live Virtual Events: Host webinars, workshops, or demonstrations with attendance fees.


By focusing on high-paying automation niches and producing high-quality, educational content, you can build a successful YouTube channel that generates substantial passive income. With consistent effort and strategic monetization, your channel has the potential to replace part-time or even full-time employment earnings within a couple of years.


What are High CPM YouTube Automation Niches?

High CPM (Cost Per Mille) YouTube automation niches are specific content categories on YouTube that command higher advertising rates per 1,000 views. These niches are distinguished by their strong viewer engagement and targeted audience demographics, making them particularly appealing to advertisers. As of 2024, notable high CPM niches include finance and investing, technology reviews, health and fitness, luxury lifestyle, and educational content.

Why is the Finance and Investing Niche Considered a High CPM YouTube Automation Niche?

The finance and investing niche earns its distinction as a high CPM category due to its audience's keen interest in financial products and services such as banking, stock trading, and personal finance management.

Advertisers targeting this niche are eager to pay a premium to reach potential customers for their high-value offerings. Consequently, creators in this niche can expect higher revenues from advertising impressions.

How Can Technology Review Channels Achieve High CPM Rates?

Technology review channels can achieve high CPM rates by delivering comprehensive, high-quality content on the latest gadgets, software, and tech trends.

These channels attract tech enthusiasts and potential buyers, making them highly valuable to advertisers in the technology and electronics sectors. Detailed reviews, unboxings, and comparisons are effective strategies to drive significant viewer engagement and attract lucrative advertisements from tech companies.

What Makes Health and Fitness Content a High CPM Niche?

Health and fitness content commands a high CPM due to its broad appeal to viewers interested in enhancing their well-being and lifestyle. This audience segment is attractive to advertisers offering fitness equipment, supplements, wellness products, and health services.

Content that offers valuable workout routines, nutrition tips, and wellness advice engages viewers deeply, leading to higher ad revenues driven by relevance and audience engagement.

How Do Educational Channels Generate High CPM on YouTube?

Educational channels achieve high CPM rates by delivering valuable, informative content that caters to learners across various demographics. This niche encompasses tutorials, online courses, language learning, and academic subjects.

Advertisers in the education sector, including online learning platforms and educational tools providers, are willing to invest more to reach this targeted audience. Moreover, educational content tends to have longer watch times, resulting in increased ad impressions and overall earnings.