Top Youtube Channels For Automation Testing in 2023

Top Youtube Channels For Automation Testing in 2023

Which is the best YouTube channel for automation testing?

YouTube is one of the best free resources available for learning automation testing. Many excellent YouTube channels are dedicated to teaching automation testing concepts and skills in explicit, step-by-step videos. This article will explore some of the top YouTube channels for automation testing and what each channel offers.

Selenium with Java

Selenium with Java is one of the most popular and valuable YouTube channels for learning test automation. The channel focuses on teaching Selenium Webdriver using Java as the programming language. Some key things this channel provides:

Beginner-friendly tutorials that start from the very basics of setting up your test environment and writing your first tests. This makes it a great starting point for anyone new to test automation.

Complete demo projects showing end-to-end test automation frameworks for real websites. This includes tutorials for testNG-based frameworks, page object model frameworks, data-driven testing, and more advanced topics.

Detailed explanations of test automation concepts like locators, CSS selectors, handling dropdowns, alerts, etc. All tutorials include example code.

Regular uploads of new tutorials covering the latest topics, frameworks, and tools in Selenium. The host is very responsive to viewer requests as well.

Over 350 videos and 100,000+ subscribers, making it one of the most comprehensive resources for learning Selenium using Java.

Programming with Mosh

While not focused exclusively on test automation, Programming with Mosh by Mosh Hamedani also provides excellent tutorials applicable to test automation. Some notable reasons to check out this channel:

Covers both backend technologies like NodeJS ASP.NET and frontend skills like JavaScript that are useful for automation engineers.

Clear teaching style - each concept is broken down simply using practical examples. Great for both beginners and experienced developers looking to recap concepts.

Videos regularly touch upon testing-related topics like unit testing, API testing using Postman, web testing tools, etc., alongside core programming lessons.

Wide variety of content from setting up your dev environment to advanced algorithms and data structures.

It is a very active community with over 1 million subscribers. Mosh is also generous with his time, responding to user queries on YouTube and forums.

Topics covered have direct relevance for web and API automation testing roles. It is an excellent supplemental channel for a well-rounded education.

Trailblazer by Anthropic

Anthropic's Trailblazer channel provides cutting-edge content on AI safety, machine learning, data science, and their application in automation testing. Some values it delivers:

Videos focus on using neural networks, computer vision, and natural language processing techniques for test automation tasks.

Covers frameworks like TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch concerning building self-healing test suites, anomaly detection, etc.

It is hosted by Anthropic, a leading AI safety startup. So, content is directly applicable to research organizations.

Includes workshops, interviews, and live coding sessions with expert guests from top universities and companies.

For engineers interested in staying ahead of the curve with new and emerging AI techniques for testing the latest applications and platforms.

Even advanced AI/ML concepts are simplified for technical audiences without a data science background.

There are over 100 videos currently, but the quality and relevance of each one make it a channel to follow for cutting-edge test automation strategies.

Programming with Edwin Diaz

This channel focuses exclusively on test automation content, making it a one-stop shop for learning automated testing skills. Some highlights:

Covers various frameworks like Selenium, Appium, Postman, JMeter, Cypress, and more, with tutorials for each.

Begins with introductory videos on test methodology, test types, and mentorship for new testers.

In-depth tutorial series on different programming languages for test automation like Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, etc.

New tutorials are uploaded 2-3 times a week, ensuring you always have fresh content to learn from.

Additional learning resources like cheat sheets, course roadmaps, and frequently asked questions.

Qualified host with over 10 years of industry experience delivering insightful best practices.

Integrates detailed code examples and explanations for each concept in every video.

Over 500 videos and 200K subscribers, making it one of the largest libraries of test automation education on YouTube.

Automation Step by Step

While smaller in size compared to the above channels, Automation Step by Step provides excellent quality beginner tutorials:

The only prerequisite assumed is basic programming knowledge - even beginners can learn from here.

Videos are limited to 15-20 minutes each to keep explanations short and focused.

Separate tutorial series for Selenium IDE Selenium Webdriver using Java, Python, and C#.

Covers fundamental topics very clearly, like locators, verifications, frame handling, dropdowns, etc.

Additional TestNG, Maven, and Jenkins modules for seamless integration into a complete test automation setup.

Highly rated by new learners and recommended for anybody new to testing who wants solid foundations.

English subtitles are included in videos for the convenience of international audiences.

Helpful companion website with code examples, frameworks, and career guides.

TechGuy Web

A veteran in the industry, the TechGuy Web channel excels at:

  • Expert discussions and masterclasses imparting years of real-world testing experience and insights.

  • Extensive manual testing tutorial series for beginners covering test plans, cases, defect reports, etc.

  • Advanced topics around test metrics, performance testing, and non-functional testing strategies.

  • Popular "Automation University" series teaching page object modeling, page factory, etc., step-by-step.

  • Interviews and roundtable discussions with industry veterans, authors, and leaders.

  • Additional modules on developer skills, project management, IT skills, and related tech career paths.

  • It is one of the most well-produced channels with polished graphics and production values.

  • A large backlog of almost 1000 videos spanning 10+ years makes it a rich knowledge library.


In conclusion, the YouTube channels discussed above represent some of the best free resources for learning test automation online in 2023. Whether you are an entry-level manual tester looking to transition to development or an experienced automation engineer wanting to upskill, these channels provide high-quality tutorials by industry experts to help further your automation career. While there are many other great YouTube educators, these channels stand out for their comprehensive, organized approach and dedicated focus on teaching automation testing concepts. Investing your time in any of these will pay rich learning dividends for your professional growth.


Q1. I'm a complete beginner - which channel should I start with?

If you are new to testing, I recommend starting with the Automation Step by Step or Programming with Mosh channels. Both take concepts very slowly and assume no prior knowledge, making them ideal starting points. Automation Step by Step focuses only on testing tutorials, while Mosh covers fundamental programming, which is helpful for holistic learning.


Q2. Which channel is best for learning Selenium using Java?

For mastering Selenium using the Java programming language, Selenium with Java is by far the top-recommended channel. They have the most extensive Selenium Java content library spanning all skill levels with over 350 tutorial videos. It will give you the most profound knowledge of this stack compared to any other channel.


Q3. What if I want to learn using Python instead of Java?

Some channels like Automation Step by Step and Programming with Edwin Diaz have dedicated Python series for Selenium/Appium automation. However, I'd recommend checking Anthropic's Trailblazer channel for the most comprehensive Python resources, which focuses on cutting-edge techniques, or Programming with Mosh, which provides strong Python fundamentals applicable for testing. Both will prepare you well, with skills directly transferable to test automation.