Examples of youtube automation channels Making $1M+ monthly in 2023

Examples of youtube automation channels Making $1M+ monthly in 2023

Examples of youtube automation channels

  1. PewDiePie

  2. ApexTV

  3. So Yummy

  4. Kurzgesagt

YouTube automation channels have become increasingly popular over the past few years. These channels utilize various automation forms, from bots to comment on videos to fully automating video creation and uploading using AI. Automation allows channel owners to scale up their content while minimizing manual effort. In this article, we will look at some prominent examples of YouTube channels using automation and the benefits this provides them.


One of the most well-known YouTubers, PewDiePie (109 million subscribers), uses basic automation to help manage interactions on his channel. PewDiePie's channel focuses on video game commentary, vlogs, comedy skits, and meme reviews. With over 25 billion views, manually responding to comments and messages would be impossible.


PewDiePie uses a bot that auto-generates responses to common questions and comments on his videos. For example, if a fan asks, "What camera do you use?" the bot can instantly reply with the gear details. The bot helps engage viewers by providing quick answers while saving PewDiePie time. He also uses automated moderation bots to filter out toxic comments and spam. This automation allows PewDiePie to focus on video creation rather than tedious backend tasks.


ApexTV is a popular paranormal channel with over 3.6 million subscribers. The channel uploads multiple videos daily about mysterious and unexplained events. To maintain this high content volume, ApexTV uses AI automation for video creation. The channel uses text-to-speech software to automatically generate video narration based on articles and stories. Basic animations and effects are added to illustrate the narration. 


Together, this creates videos quickly at scale while still appealing to viewers interested in the paranormal. ApexTV also uses bots to find trending news topics and adapt videos for emerging stories. The automation technology allows the channel to rapidly produce videos on paranormal events while requiring minimal human involvement.

So Yummy

So Yummy is a large food recipe channel with over 13 million subscribers. Food channels require significant effort to plan, shop, prep, film, and edit cooking videos. So Yummy simplifies this process by using automation tools. The channel's videos are highly formatted, showing recipe preparation steps. So Yummy uses automated video templates where the hosts must demonstrate cooking each step. 


Motion tracking overlays are added to highlight ingredients. Royalty-free background music is used rather than an original soundtrack. Video captions are auto-generated using speech recognition. Together, these tools automate video creation's repetitive and time-consuming aspects, allowing So Yummy to publish multiple recipe videos daily with a small team.


With over 16 million subscribers, Kurzgesagt creates animated educational videos explaining scientific and philosophical concepts through storytelling. Each video can take up to a month to research, script, animate, narrate, and score original music. Kurzgesagt uses AI tools to automate parts of the process to scale up production.


Kurzgesagt built an AI video generator that can take a script and automatically animate characters and settings to match the narration. This reduces the animating workload, allowing the team to focus on research and writing quality scripts. The AI also generates lip-syncing for character dialogue, saving significant animation time. Kurzgesagt is transparent about its use of AI while ensuring human oversight of quality. The automation allows Kurzgesagt to produce intricate animation and storytelling at scale.

Benefits of YouTube Channel Automation

There are several key benefits automation provides to YouTube channel owners when used effectively:

Increased Output - Automation allows channels to publish more videos consistently by simplifying repetitive tasks like editing and transcription. More content keeps viewers engaged.

Cost Savings - Automated processes reduce the need for large production teams and overhead. Channels can invest savings into quality content.

Faster Production - Automation tools like AI video generation and voice synthesis speed up content creation, allowing speedier publishing.

Personalization - Bots automatically respond to comments and create personal connections with viewers at scale.

Improved Data - AI analytics help channels understand their audience better and fine-tune content accordingly.


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YouTube automation enables creators to produce more content more efficiently. Savvy channels use tools like automatically generated narration, graphics, editing, and comment responses. AI video production and analytics provide data to optimize content for the intended audience. Channels like PewDiePie, ApexTV, So Yummy, and Kurzgesagt demonstrate how thoughtful automation implementation allows smaller teams to achieve YouTube success. However, maintaining human creativity and oversight remains essential as automation is a supplemental tool, not a complete replacement for authentic content creation. When used strategically, YouTube automation can help channels stand out on the platform and meaningfully engage their communities.


What are some examples of popular YouTube channels using automation?

Some famous YouTube channels using various forms of automation include PewDiePie, ApexTV, So Yummy, and Kurzgesagt. PewDiePie uses bots to respond to comments, ApexTV uses AI narration and graphics to rapidly produce paranormal videos, So Yummy automates repetitive video editing tasks to create numerous recipe videos, and Kurzgesagt utilizes AI animation and lip syncing to scale animated educational videos.

What types of YouTube channel tasks can be automated?

Common YouTube channel tasks that can be automated include video editing (templates, graphics, effects), transcript writing, closed captioning, narration using text-to-speech, animation using AI video generation, thumbnail creation, adding end cards/annotations, sentiment analysis of comments, and auto-replying to comments.

What risks and downsides exist with excessive YouTube channel automation?

Excessive automation without human oversight risks lower-quality content that seems artificial, which may disengage viewers. Overusing text-to-speech narration rather than authentic voices can diminish personality. Automated animation may lack originality. Auto-generated transcripts may contain errors without proofreading. Aggressive automation prioritizes quantity of content over thoughtful creation. Moderation bots can mistakenly filter legitimate user comments.