Where to Find the Best Adsense Content Writers ( June 2024)

Where to Find the Best Adsense Content Writers ( June 2024)

Introduction:Find the Best Adsense Content Writers

Are you bored of generating articles via AI and paraphrasing it ? Well of course this trick isnt much effective in order to create high quality articles. But the question is , why do you need high quality articles ? why waste your money and time, knowing that some guys are just getting google’s 1st position ranking with AI articles ? Well, stick with us to find out the answers to your questions and get to know about how and where to find the best google adsense content writers in 2024.


Is AI ineffective for you?

Coming straight to the point. No, it's not. Well the toolstechy why are you advising us not to generate AI articles for free ? The simple answer is yes they are effective. But if you are a beginner or your blog’s age is less than 6 months and you haven't created any content which has already been indexed. Then, yea AI won't work for you. The reason is simple. Why you ? Every single person who isnt even a blogger can do this , so why you ? Google ain’t gonna index your content because of the lack of trust and authority. You have to prove yourself that yes, you are worthy of getting indexed by showcasing your knowledge. Now lets have some more information about the contents of a high quality content so you know , no one can scam you.


Keyword Optimization

The most essential to make engaging and high value content is to make sure the on page SEO is optimized. SEO is root way to get indexed and the most important part of it is keyword optimization. Keywords are the searching terms people use to search on a search engine so the amount of keywords used by you in your content the better your chances to rank. 


But at first you will need to find out proper keywords. It is not like taking anything out of blue cause there will be chances that it will be of very high competition, Is’t trendy anymore or just lacks volume. But where to know about these info ? Relax , we got you covered. There are a lot of keyword searching tools in the market, which available for free and paid as well


List of Popular Paid Tools

  • SEM Rush

  • AHREF 

  • Ubersuggest

  • Keywords everywhere

List of Popular Free tools

  • Google Keyword Planner

  • WMS everywhere

  • Google Trends

  • Exploding Topics 

This was the 1st Step in creating a high quality content. Now moving to the 2nd we got the content structure


Content Structure For Adsense Approval

Content structure as the name suggest is the basic structure if how a content is written. It mean the proper use of headings and subheadings where you briefly specify what the paragraph is about using not more than 5-7 words at max. Here the optimization includes how well the SEO of headings is being done and  the proper use of H1, H2 and H3 tags. Also the headings and subheadings should be clear and easy to read.


Example Structure

The following is the best example how your content should be divided into.

  • Introduction

  • Why Quality Content Matters for AdSense

  • Where to Find the Best AdSense Content Writers

  • What to Look for in an AdSense Content Writer

  • Tips for Hiring the Right Writer

  • Conclusion


Depth Of The Content

While writing content or receiving the content from a freelancer.  Make sure that the information you asked for is there. Moreover check for the depth of the content. By that I mean check whether the info provided is enough to make it engaging or not. The simple tip to ensure is that , a content is said to be high value when it delivers the complete knowledge the viewer is seeking so that the viewer wont bounce from your blog to seek additional information elsewhere. 


Case Study 

For a better understanding let us take an example of toolstechy itself. Looking into the posts of toolstechy.com we can find almost all mentioned points in this article. Even with 45% AI generated articles . Most of it is indexed and ranks in 1st position. This is due to the fulfillment of all the necessary steps one needs to take while making content high quality. Which results in increasing DA PA which is basically the trust meter of google on your domain. 

Additional Practices for high quality content 


  • Images/videos

The media plays a vital part of SEO. In order to drive more traffic and make content engaging. Try generating high quality and royalty free images/videos. You can get these via some non copyright sites like PEXELS , PIXABY etc. 

  • CTA phrases

CTA( Call-To-Action) phrases are the key to make a content highly engaging. Depending on your niche you can have a lot of some hooks and phrases which can be damn engaging for viewers to take positive steps towards your content and who knows they can be converted to your regular blog viewer as well. 

  • Titles

We say content is the king right ? If content is the king, then title is it’s attire. The thing that makes a king look like a king is its attire. So there is very less chance to make it to top pages with some average looking titles. Try to make it more engaging and have the main keyword and CTA phrases in it.

These are the basics one should note, in order to create a high quality content. Now let’s have a look at the Google’s Adsense policy regarding high quality content.

Google Adsense Content Policy

In this segment we wont be talking briefly about all the policies. Our main focus is on understanding google’s adsense policy towards high value content and the basic steps to not violate it.


  1. The content should be around 1000 words long in order to rank and it should have that quality. 1000 words doesnt mean stuffing unnecessary things into it which are irrelevant.

  2. The content should not be copied or generated from AI. This can be checked by using differed plagiarism tool. Out of which Grammarly  being one of the most popular one

  3. The contents should be indexed in google search engine.

  4. The blog should have some amount of traffic. This statement is not mentioned but mostly the sites which are approved , drive traffic with their content.

Detailed Steps to Find the Best AdSense Content Writers

There are different freelancing platforms to look into. For example: freelancer.com, upwork,fiverr etc. Out of these I personally prefer fiverr has a good range of content writers. And out of all the fiver freelancers we have picked some of the best ones for your aid.

List Of Adsense Conent writers 

Haroon Hassan

Check out 

Anima Tech

Check out 

Dev Hilal

Check out


Check out

These are the top rated and most genuine list of freelancers found on fiverr but this isnt the only way. There are other freelance platforms as well. Also you can have contact with agencies of content writers via social media mainly Linked in.But the most affordable ones are those mentioned above.  


What to Look for in an AdSense Content Writer

  1. Reviews: Make sure that the freelancer you are looking for has 4.6+ rating and and lot of positive reviews 

  2. Experience: Try to choose an experienced adsense content writer. If the budget doesnt allow , then try to look for those who have 4.8+ reviews with minimum experience and know about them in detail as well.

  3. Plagiarism: Before paying do make sure the writer doesnt use AI for content and the  content is 100%unique. You can check it via the writer’s portfolio whether the content ranks or not. 


Hence these are the main points to ponder to find the best adsense content writer.


Conclusion:Find the Best Adsense Content Writers

Recapitulating the article we got to know about the ways to generate content by a content writer and where to find them. As to find the best Adsense content writer is very crucial inorder to have a great high quality and high engaging content.Follow Google’s AdSense policies to improve your search engine ranking Enhance your articles with multimedia, engaging CTAs, and compelling titles. Best of luck for your blogging journey ahead.


About the author

Hey, I am Subhadeep the founder of toolstechy.com. Having a handful experience in blogging and digital marketing . I address that this content is generated by me and has no involvement of any AI resource. I assure that this content is fully well researched and unique, made with the intention to prove information to the readers.